organizing folders so they show preview image of the model?

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organizing folders so they show preview image of the model?

Postby gabrielhawk » Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:28 am

Hey guys, does anyone know how to properly organize your folders, so they show a preview image of the models?
Several of my models have "no preview image", so I have no idea how they look like, since I have downloaded them a long while ago

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Re: organizing folders so they show preview image of the mod

Postby Taira2032 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:22 pm

Your folder order seems to be fine since they look like that in your Add Models menu. Basically keep your models folder in the /data folder in your XNAlara program. But to show preview, they should also have a 'prev.png' pic. Unfortunately often people forget to set one. Can be kinda annoying haha.

You can do that yourself too though so no biggie :3
Load the model, then go to File -> Save image -> ok on the setting dialog, and then navigate to the model's foder, name it 'prev' and save as png from the filetype dropdown.
Now from now on when you hover/select the model in the add models menu, you'll be seeing a preview snapshot.

(Fun fact, any image would work as long as it's called 'prev.png' lol and must be in the same folder with the model files)
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