Main Rules!

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Main Rules!

Postby Dazzy » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:29 am

- No offensive language
- Do not double post, always use the edit button if you wish to add something extra to a post.
- Do not link to porn sites and do not post porn.
- Treat everyone with respect
- Do not spam threads
- Do not actively open new threads if the topic is already found in an existing thread.
- Always read the rules located in each section before posting when you first join.
- And the most important rule, have fun.

Banning System:

- First sign of trouble and you will receive a warning
- Continue to cause trouble will result in a second warning
- If you choose to ignore those two warnings, you will be banned for 2 days.
- The ban will increase to 1 week if you continue to cause trouble.
- After that we will discuss the suitable ban length for any more trouble caused.
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